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Gift Shop Consignment

Gift Shop Consignment

   Members and non-members can both consign smaller works of art and craft to the Tides Gift Shop, which is currently under review for improving locations and presentation within the gallery.

   The process for non-members is relatively straightforward: contact the Gallery Co-ordinator to let him know of your interest in the Tides Gift Shop with some information on the type of art/craft you wish to consign. Depending on space and possible similarity to other consignors' work, the artist will be asked to bring in a small selection of pieces for short-term display and feedback from clients and members. 

   The gallery receives a 35% sales commission on work sold in the Gift Shop.  We normally ask that new work be left with us for a minimum of six months. If there is little or no interest in particular types of work in the first year, the work will be returned to the artist.

   Please contact us with your questions and basic information.