Artist Membership

   Tides Contemporary Art Gallery has an active waiting list for artists interested in becoming full or half members.

   At the current time, all 12 of the wall artist (2-D) membership positions are filled, although there are three floor artist (3-D) memberships available. All memberships in Tides are commitments based on a calendar year term. Half memberships are $60 per month and full memberships are $100 per month, payable in monthly, quarterly ,or annual amounts.

   A portion of all gallery revenue goes into a Fair Share Fund, which is divided among member artists at the end of each year and is expected to equal 2-3 months of membership fees. 

   The process of selecting new members is straightforward. Interested artists can have their name placed on the appropriate list (i.e., photographer, painter, printmaker, etc.). If an opening occurs in any category, the executive committee considers all names on the appropriate waiting list and selects a short-list of three names for a vote by general members. 

     Please contact us with your basic information: name, address, preferred medium, membership preference, contact information.

Artist Membership