Heather Lawrie

I was born in Wolfville, N.S. and raised in North Grand Pré and Annapolis Royal. My creative world has taken
many twists and turns.


My first love was painting. I started at a young age with acrylics, then moved into oil and watercolours. I enjoy all mediums. I paint in a realist style—mainly landscapes, wildlife, birds, and flowers—but recently moved to the pallet knife.


I love it.  My style has started to loosen up, shifting towards something more abstract and textured.

Metal sculpture became part of my creative adventures a few years ago and I have progressed from single-sided rusted metal shapes, to huge, 8-foot, 3-D sculptures. I love the bare metal look but often find more character in the metal through paint or use of translucent colour to accent a piece. Recycled metal and found objects—driftwood, rocks, cutlery, bowling balls, etc.—are increasingly finding their way into my work. 


Making something from nothing. I find I can pound  and grind my way through any frustration or emotion—making something beautiful and cheerful in the process. It has become a great creative release.

I don’t like copying or repeating a particular design, preferring new and different challenges. I often use customers ideas as inspiration for pieces.  


I do not have a style, nor do I want one. I want to be free to express myself, but not in a rigid, confining assembly line production. No artist should ever want to lose the excitement of creating a unique, individual piece.


Why seek boredom? And if you happen to follow my creative path, it will never be boring.


Website:   heavymetalheather.com
Email:       heavymetalheather@gmail.com
Facebook:  Heavy Metal Heather