Originally from a rural farm community near Port Hope, Ontario, I’m a retired school teacher who moved to Wolfville with my family in 2011. I’ve lived in Banff, Calgary, and Halifax. I’ve been engaged in drawing and painting, as well as woodworking and photography  for much of my life. Art is just part of who I am as a person and I cannot remember a time that I did not engage in some artistic endeavor.


I’m still exploring and experimenting with style. Most of my watercolour work is done in a realistic style, but I’m enjoying taking a somewhat looser approach in my oil painting. I enjoy saturated colour and strong graphic designs. My process begins with my own photos and I often go on photo taking expeditions in search of content. This could be something as simple as going out to the garden, or I may drive to one of the local harbours. I’m interested in scenes that I find instill a sense of calm, peacefulness, and relaxation, or may capture my interest due to colour, shape, and arrangement. I take many pictures, and I find the process of editing the photos for composition to be a very enjoyable task. These photos form the basis of my paintings, and I am able to make whatever adjustment I desire in terms of colour and composition, removing or adding elements as I choose. I often make colour adjustments using a photo editor prior to painting.


I find it very interesting that simple objects and scenes, both natural and person-created can inspire emotional reactions in myself, and those who view my work. I seek to explore colour and composition that capture the viewer’s interest and imagination, and provoke thought and feeling. 

I am currently enrolled in courses at NSCAD University.