Artists & Community 

Tides Contemporary Art Gallery is a project of the Kentville Art Gallery Society (KAGS), and is guided by the bylaws and goals of that non-profit, community organization. 
Board of Directors (KAGS):
Bob Hainstock, artist, Chair & Gallery Co-ordinator
Heather Alexis Porter, artist, Vice-Chair
Carolyn Mallory, artist, Treasurer
Colin Chase, artist, Secretary                             
Scott Campbell, community board member
JD MacCulloch, community board member
Gallery Members:
Jean Leung, Founding Member
Carol Pye, Founding Member
Heather Lawrie, Founding Member
Celine Gabrielle, Founding Member
Gudrun Mueller-Both, Founding Member
Peter Gordon, Founding Member
echo nara, Founding Member
Community Advisers
Genevieve Allen Hearn, Special projects