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Artists & Community 

Board of Directors (KAGS):

Colin Chase, artist, photographer, Chair & Gallery Co-ordinator          
Scott Thomson, jeweller, artist, Vice-chair, Gift shop
Carolyn Mallory, artist, Treasurer

Linda Hutchison, artist, Secretary

Peter Gordon, artist 

Debbie Greenwood, artist, Gift shop

Dick Groot, artist, photographer

Bob Hainstock, artist

Susan Knowling, artist

Mark McCrone, artist

Gracie Quinones, jeweller, artist, Gift shop

Carl Snyder, artist, photographer

Jose Urbay, artist

Community Advisers:

Genevieve Allen Hearn, Special projects
Tides Contemporary Art Gallery is a project of the Kentville Art Gallery Society (KAGS) and is guided by the bylaws and goals of that non-profit, community organization. 

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