Our Gift Shop

One of a Kind at Modest Prices

   Our small gift shop is bursting with an unusually large array of smaller art objects and fine crafts, including two-dimensional and three-dimensional artwork. Our gallery provides an opportunity to sample both the small and large creative ideas of gallery artists, but also to view the works of many talented consigning artists and artisans who are regular guests of Tides Gallery.

   We are constantly looking for new contributors of quality fine craft and art. Our current selection includes: functional and non-funtional pottery, clay sculpture, woodblock prints, photography, small paintings, metal sculpture, and a large selection of art cards.


Tides Gallery

 We feature the work of Scott Campbell, Will Cooper (cards), Colin Craig, Deep Hollow Prints, Andre Ducharme, Alison Grapes (cards), Doretta Groenendyk (cards), Judy Hainstock, Megan Hainstock, Erin Hollingshead, Kathy Jardine, Andrew Langille, Karl Larson, Annette Lewis, Ron Lightburn (cards), Justine MacDonald, Elspeth Mackenzie and Carmen Dalrymple, Muddy Piper, Stephen Pedersen, Natalia Petrie, Dan Redden, Gordon Rose, Raquel Roth, Donna Sharpe, Elizabeth Tufts, and Jeanette Wieckhorst.

 Please contact the gallery if you are interested in joining or consigning to the gallery. 

Gift Certificates

Ideas From The Gift Shop

gift certif.jpg

   Tides Gallery offers Gift Certificates in varied amounts. These Gift Of Art certificates can be used for any Tides Gallery items. There is  no expiry date. Please ask gallery staff for assistance. 

   There is no gift more treasured, more individual, or unique than original art and fine crafts. But few of us want to guess at someone else's tastes. Or perhaps there's no time left to find that unique gift for a special occasion. A gift certificate is the perfect solution!