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Gracie Quinones

Originally from Havana, Cuba, Gracie is a self taught jewelry maker who has made Canada her home since 2008, first in British Columbia, and now in beautiful Nova Scotia. Gracie studied English Language and Literature at the University of Havana. She is a professional translator and worked for a few years in the film industry in her hometown of Havana, which allowed her to meet artists from the industry and be involved in the organization of film events on the island and abroad.

Upon her arrival in Canada with her family, Gracie felt the need to have a creative outlet while adjusting to her new life as an immigrant and new Canadian. Her love for wearing jewelry and for gemstones guided her to teach herself the art of working with metal, and she soon discovered she was right in her element when working with gemstones, metal, and fire. The hobby soon became a business and that is how Gemspell came to be. She is constantly learning new techniques and pushing herself out of her comfort zone so she can keep growing as a metal artist.

Instagram: @gemspell


Artist Statement:

Gracie creates modern yet timeless jewelry handcrafted in small batches in her home studio in Kentville, NS. Carefully fabricated with sterling silver, bronze, and gemstones, her jewelry is inspired by the beauty of stones and the natural elements that surround us. 

Gracie uses mostly sterling silver for her work, however she has recently started to incorporate other metals, such as bronze, goldfill, and gold in certain pieces. Gemstones are the star element in Gracie’s jewelery. She always tries to have the stone speak for itself—the creative process gravitates around the gemstone and she rarely has a premeditated design. She “improvises” at the bench and, as a result, most of her pieces are one of a kind. 

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