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Mark McCrone

Mark began his career as a sign designer and painter, specializing in large format pictorial billboards. Working for Canada’s largest outdoor advertising companies Mediacom & Patterson Outdoor for 25 years. Works featured nationally in all major and minor Canadian cities.

His art education continues with independent, formal, and mentorship studies in oil painting. He continues to build his personal style.

Mark's works are held in private collections throughout Canada and the United States. 

Since moving to Nova Scotia, Mark has been inspired by his surrounding landscapes, historical architecture, and local portrait painting.

Mark is influenced by European and North American post-impressionist painters, most importantly The Group of Seven, Andrew Wyeth, and Vincent Van Gogh.


Artist Statement:

I am inspired by the present day, recording my surroundings visually. Capturing the nuances of the region and everyday life.

In my work, I observe nature, architecture, and people for the purpose of expressing visually stimulating paintings that inspire the viewer.

Visual record taking of daily life as it presents itself inspires me to capture many different subjects.

My technique is spontaneous and painterly yet not over thought. I like the freedom of colour and texture that is defiant of convention to produce works that cannot be segmented.

My practice is ever evolving.


Phone: 416-919-6995


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