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José Urbay

José R. Urbay is a Nova Scotia based Cuban-Canadian artist.

Born and raised in Havana, his career as a visual artist started in the mid 90s, during his years as a Graphic Design student in Havana. Illustration and poster design captivated all his attention and creative energy.

Surrealism masters and Cuban painters have had a strong influence in the development of his style and the way he conceives and formulates an idea or a narrative line. He is always searching for the support of a story, a myth, or a poem, as a compass to start the creative journey. Each series or creative period responds to the same conceptual logic an illustrator would use in an editorial project.


The imperceptible worlds have always been a fascination and a source of infinite curiosity and inspiration for his work. José’s artwork is also the result of interpretations of those narratives that tell the story of our journey beyond this reality, as well as the myths and beliefs from his homeland.


Throughout his career his artwork has been published and exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Havana, Madrid, New York, Brussels, Venice, and Vancouver. It

has been featured in a myriad of publications, from children books to poetry magazines and catalogues.

In 2008, he moved to Canada, making this country his new home and source of inspiration. Featured in his most recent work is the beauty of the Nova Scotian

landscape, especially the Annapolis Valley, where he currently resides.

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