May Guest Artist Show

by Madisyn Snow

Available for viewing online and at the gallery from May 1 - May 31, 2022.

All works from this collection are for sale. You can click and view the pieces for details.

Contact the gallery for inquiries.


About the artist:

Madisyn Snow is a queer, mixed race person born and raised in rural Nova Scotia.

As an autistic individual, creating art has always been their way of expressing their very complex mind… it’s their way of healing and coping, to speak without words. They have been creating since they could hold a pencil and have never attended any art programs.


Through their artwork, they feel they are learning more and connecting deeper to their cultures, while also sharing their own personal stories and interests!


They have many different styles when it comes to art. They can never settle on one type. It's no different than being human… always changing and evolving. They like their work to never look the same. It gives them a voice loud enough to be noticed, but at the same time keeps them hidden.

Artist Statement:

"Art is something so incredibly human, and I believe it connects us in so many ways. Through different mediums we are able to tell stories, to express the deepest parts of ourselves, to share with the universe who we are as individuals in this time and place.

Your creation is as unique to you as your fingerprint!

My show is simply about connection. 

For modern society that has become so distant, art can bring people from all walks of life together. 

For ways that have become lost over time, art can breathe life to knowledge. 

For us as emotional beings, art can heal our hearts."