October Guest Artist Show

Rhythmic Art

by Derek Lindzon

Available for viewing online and at the gallery from September 28 - November 2, 2022

All works from this collection are for sale. You can click and view the pieces for details.

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About the artist:

Derek Lindzon a self-realized, independent abstract artist.


He is a drummer and a painter.


As a painter, Derek finds inspiration in Jackson Pollock, Vincent Van Gogh, Johann Sebastian Bach, and Slipknot.

Derek holds a diploma from George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology in Construction Engineering Technology.


Lately he has been exploring the use of palette knives and acrylics to bring to life a contrasting universe of industrial and architectural images that co-exist in the world of spirits, dreams, and myths.

Derek’s work can be intense and provocative, while also being practical for modern homes and office design and décor. His work combines the diverse rhythms of random actions and planned stability and occasional anarchy. His work is dynamic, both active and passive, it is simultaneously unpredictable and also reliable.

Derek paints and records music at his home in Kentville, Nova Scotia.

Artist Statement


Rhythmic Art

As a drummer, Derek uses music as inspiration for his paintings. These paintings were derived from listening to the music of Black Sabbath and Radiohead.