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Emerging or Established Artists

Be Our Guest...

The Featured Artist wall applications for 2025 are now open... please send an email with a brief bio and photos of your best work if you would like to show at the gallery for one month in 2025. All applications can be sent to
























Emerging or established Nova Scotian artists have the opportunity to be a guest at Tides Contemporary Art Gallery for one month. The Featured Artist Wall is 10 feet long and can be filled as you wish. 

The expectation is that the artist will attend the opening of the new monthly show on the first Friday of the month and will give a talk on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at noon.  The talk can be about the show, about your artwork in general, about your process, or your art practice. It's wide open. The talk should be about 35 minutes with time for questions.

Hanging will be done with the assistance of a gallery representative on an agreed upon date at the beginning of the month. Takedown will be the same at the end of the month. The gallery will provide tags for the art based on the title, size, price, and medium as indicated by the artist.

The artist will provide a biography and an artist statement/description of the show. The gallery will print these and add them to the wall for the show.

The gallery will promote the show to the best of its abilities given the cooperative/volunteer nature of the gallery. We are a relatively new endeavour (but thriving) and are always seeking to better everything we do, so any advice would be appreciated.

The gallery will take a 35% commission on all work sold.  Not all works need to be for sale. 

Any questions can be directed to

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