New, Emerging Artists

Be Our Guest...


     If you're an emerging artist—young, old, or somewhere between—who has not had public exhibition opportunities, Tides Gallery would like to discuss the possibility of being a guest artist.


     Tides is very fortunate to have several corporate sponsors who help support our Guest Artist Wall, a space that we share with artists who have become well recognized in other parts of the Maritimes or Canada, as well as artists who may some day get that same kind of recognition. 


    Contact us with some information about yourself—your areas and materials of interest, and your goals as an artist. If you have a website, venue, or social media site where we can see your work, please include that information. We have a small committee at Tides that reviews these requests several times a year.  

   And a special thank you to Parsons Investments,  Morse Machining, and Turner Investment for their support of our Guest Artist Wall. Because of them, the community gets to see the work of established artists, emerging artists, and artists somewhere in between. 

Nova Scotia Artists