Gallery Membership

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  At the current time, 11 of the 12 of the wall artist (2-D) membership positions are filled, although there are two floor artist (3-D) memberships available. All memberships in Tides are commitments based on a calendar year term. Half memberships are $60 per month and full memberships are $100 per month, payable in monthly, quarterly, or annual amounts.

   A portion of all gallery revenue goes into a Fair Share Fund, which is divided among member artists at the end of each year and is expected to equal 2-3 months of membership fees. 

   The process of selecting new members is straightforward. Interested artists can contact us with basic information: name, address, preferred medium, membership preference, contact information. If an opening occurs, the gallery members consider all names on the waiting list and select a new member, who is then offered a position at the gallery.