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Peter Gordon

Peter Gordon grew up in the Annapolis Valley and currently resides in Hantsport, NS.

He received his BFA from NSCAD in 2009 with a major in painting, preceded by a BSc in Biology from Dalhousie University. His work has been shown in various galleries
in NS and NL.


Peter works in multiple mediums ranging from painting,  photography, and woodworking using both representational and abstract styles. Working in various mediums and methods helps Peter energize his creative process and ever-evolving style.


The instant gratification found in a well-composed photograph can be compared to the satisfaction felt when layers of colours and marks combine in ways that are both spontaneous and natural. 


In abstraction, an enormous satisfaction can result when unexpected contrast and  colour emerge through subsequent layers—sometimes a result of intent; sometimes by chance, but always interesting and near impossible to duplicate.


At the same time the ideas translated onto canvas representationally are done in a controlled manner 
that is more confined; where brush strokes are more decidedly analogous with a hint of spontaneity creating an atmosphere with depth.

With the addition of a drone a few years ago the possibilities for photography and painting both grew exponentially. Valley landscapes perhaps too familiar, can now be used as inspiration for new works, highlighting the processes, patterns, and cycles of the natural world as seen from a new, heightened perspective.


Website :


phone : 902.680.2373

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