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Bob Hainstock

"As a young man I thought every decision was forever. "


Bob was 18 in 1963 and preparing to leave his small Manitoba hometown for art school in California. While awaiting x-ray results for his injured, four-legged best friend, Chief, he saw an ad for a reporter at the Brandon Daily Sun. Three days later, he started a 25-year career as a storyteller with Canadian newspapers and magazines.


Goodbye art career? Not really. There were several incredible decades of  learning to observe and record human success and failure and telling those stories through words and photographs. But in 1991, it came time to drag a 46-year old mind to the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design and begin a second 25-year career in storytelling—this time with the visual tools of ink, paper, canvas, paint, metal, or fibre.     


As a visual artist, he has also become an educator in schools and university, as well as leading several private workshops each year. Bob has exhibited in galleries in most Canadian provinces, as well as many U.S. states, Mexico, and Asian and European countries.   


Most of his visual storytelling is done through landscape art—abstracted enough to allow Nature's beauty to partially mask the human impact of industrialization on the environment and our unique rural fabric.  


Above all else, Bob learned that storytelling can also change the storyteller—that a few core values such as family or community are forever. Everything else is about change.






Studio:        1688 Brow of Mountain Rd.                                           (visitors welcome)

Phone:        902-599-3450

Classes:      Printmaking, Mixed Media

Nova Scotia Venues: Secord Gallery Hfx.;  Teichert Gallery, Hfx; Visual  Voice, Truro; Harvest Gallery, Wolfville.

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