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Colin Chase

Colin is fortunate to live in a beautiful part of this province. The landscape, farming, and sea are dominant themes that drive his photography. His visual interpretations of these powerful forces confirm their impact, but also capture the subtle and graceful intersection of line, shape, and colour.

Being a member of Tides Gallery has given him a place to share the beauty of this corner of the province, and also a chance to interact with other artists and learn from them. 

He's also a part of Viewpoint Gallery, a co-operative gallery of photographers in Halifax. He looks forward to bringing the Annapolis Valley to this city audience.


He grew up in the Port Williams area of Kings County and had an interest in photography from an early age, on through a 33-year career as an educator in the Valley. Mostly self-taught, he's benefitted greatly from many workshops and seminars from photographers like Freeman Patterson, Andre Gallant, and Sherman Hines. He's currently mentoring with Berwick photographer David James, a nationally recognized photographer and creative force behind OutTakes Photography in the Valley.


Website:  coming


Phone:  902-385-7388

Offers Instruction:    Photography

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