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A New Gallery Show Every Month

   Original art is important to community—rural or urban, young, or senior. We take great pride in showing original, authentic work that reflects regional character and beyond. Our gallery artists live and work in southwestern Nova Scotia. Many of our artists are Nova Scotia-born whereas others bring a balance of national and international experiences and education to their art.


   We are particularly pleased to provide opportunity for newer, emerging artists in the region to step into a public exhibition experience—a very necessary step for artists with professional ambitions. Our Guest Artist Wall features these emerging artists at least three times a year, and for another three months each year features the work of well-established Nova Scotia artists who have achieved recognition at national and international levels.

   Tides Contemporary Art Gallery is a non-profit community organization that is involved in many other aspects of arts and cultural programming—ranging from education, public art projects such as murals and sculpture, or helping shape public policy and programming. Our sales commission rate for members or non-members is very low and is further reduced through year-end rebates for members. Most of any year-end surpluses will go into a special Community Arts Fund.


Catalogue of Artwork for Sale, Rent, or Rent-to-own

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Unless otherwise specified, all items are for sale. Contact

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Colin Chase

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Peter Gordon

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Debbie Greenwood

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Dick Groot