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Memo Calderón

Memo Calderón was born in Mexico City. As the son of two pilots, he enjoyed taking pictures while travelling. He started teaching photography to kids when he was 18 and has given at least one workshop a year since then.

In 2003 he purchased his first DSLR and never returned to film. In fact, he never looked back at the pictures he took with film.

He loves to photograph people. Since his first years with a camera, he seeks simple shapes and composition. He aims to portray defined elements in which light has the starring role.

In 2009, he started a Wedding and Portrait Photography studio, which was named on several occasions as one of the Top Choices for Wedding Photography and Video in Mexico City. Meanwhile, he has worked on many personal photography projects, including numerous portraits of people he has just met. 

Guillermo relocated to Nova Scotia in August of 2021 and has continued photographing landscapes, everyday life scenes, weddings and portraits, with a clear goal: to give people and himself images of moments frozen in time that would otherwise be missed.



Instagram: @nunucm (Personal Work) @memocalderonphoto (Weddings) 

Artist Statement

"I love to combine my vision of a person with characterized light. Pushing them out of their comfort zone to extract that something that would otherwise be lost. For me a portrait session gives not only beautiful pictures, but also the experience of the session in itself."

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