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Jean Leung

Jean Leung is a painter who uses fluid, flowing lines of watercolour mounted on gallery stretched frames, resulting in bold, flowing colours. Her method is influenced by Brian Atyeo and Tom Lynch, especially when it comes to fresh colour. 


A native of Alberta, Jean holds a degree in sociology/psychology and spent 9 years as a practicing potter before dedicating the last 15 years to painting. Drawing upon her training as a social worker, she uses integration of people, place, and light and dark.  

Jean’s nontraditional technique provides an entrance into the subject matter not often accomplished.     


The flow of colours into each other in the painting process is one of the fascinating things about watercolour painting. The surprises and convergences of the medium are a counterpoint to efforts to capture feelings and aspirations of her subject.


Jean now lives in Atlantic Canada in a rural setting with the sea behind her and the fields, lakes, and orchards around her. Every day at home is a feast of landscape inspiration.


Time spent in her canoe or quiet walks by snowshoe provide inspiration and are reflected in her paintings.         


Although each individual piece certainly speaks for itself, when seen in the context of the artist’s background, ideas, and singular technique,  there is a degree of vitality and significance that indicates the true measure of the work.

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Phone:  902-670-8800

Studio Visitors Welcome  at


185 West Long Island Rd. North Grand Pre 

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