Tides Contemporary Art Gallery

Open - Wednesday to Sunday - 10am - 5 pm

36 Cornwallis Street, Kentville,  Nova Scotia

At Tides we are excited to display a new Gallery show every month!


Who We Are...

Tides Contemporary Art Gallery is a non-profit, artist-run gallery, operating on the rock-solid belief in old fashioned rural co-operation and mutual support. Tides Gallery is located on Kentville's unique downtown square, an intimate and picturesque blend of restaurants, boutique shopping, and professional services.

We are 7 visual artists representing the widest expression of styles, materials, and experience.  Our artists have earned strong recognition in regional and provincial venues, and some at national and international exhibitions. Their interpretations of colourful Maritime culture and place are offered in both two and three dimensions.

Tides Contemporary Art Gallery began in 2017 as Hardware Gallery, a non-profit community gallery. With the support of the Town of Kentville, it was one of several projects initiated by the Kentville Art Gallery Society (KAGS), including downtown murals, education programs, and public art projects. KAGS welcomes volunteers, sponsors, and partnerships from the regional community.

Tides Contemporary Art Gallery was created by KAGS in 2019 using a co-operative business model that offered long-term stability within uncertain times for rural-based economies.

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Gift of Art Certificates

There is no gift more treasured, more individual, or unique than original art and fine crafts. But few of us want to guess at someone else's tastes. Or perhaps there's no time left to find that unique gift for a special occasion.

Tides Gallery has the perfect solution in its Gift of Art program. Gift certificates of flexible values and no expiry date. You can get one certificate to cover everything, or a group can get several certificates that add up to something special. 


Directory of Gallery Artists

Guest Artists in our Gift Shop

Scott Campbell              Judy Hainstock         Ron Lightburn              Dan Redden
Colin Craig                     Meagan Hainstock    Justine Macdonald     Gordon Rose
Will Cooper                    Isobel Hamilton         Laura Macdonald        Raquel Roth

Carman Dalrymple         Kathy Jardine            Elspeth McKenzie       Donna Sharp      
Andre Ducharme            Andrew Langille       Muddy Piper                Elizabeth Tufts
Alison Grapes                 Karl Larson               
Natalie Petrie              Maggie Schmidt
Dale Gruchy                    Annette Lewis          Stephen Petersen       Jeanette Wieckhorst                                                                                                 

and many new consigning artists each month.



Tides Contemporary Art Gallery

36 Cornwallis Street,

Kentville, Nova Scotia  B4N2E1 

Email:  tidescontemporaryart@gmail.com

Phone:  902-365-3322